Three Layer Vegan Gateau

Three Layer Vegan Gateau... (otherwise known as a potato, cauliflower, mushroom casserole) ;)

I actually wasn’t sure initially about posting this photo/recipe on my Instagram feed because I didn’t think it looked like much… and then I was overwhelmed by the responses to this post. I had over 50 recipe requests! Goes to show, don’t judge a book by it’s cover- (or yumminess by a photo)….


I made this gateau on a wellness retreat in Umbria that I had been hired to cook for. I was serving over 25 people, three meals a day, for six days. Although it was a challenge to come up with three courses meals, three times a day (if you do the math- that is 54 dishes over the six days!!!) adhering to my rigid Morganic Kitchen dietary standards (vegan, gluten free, refined sugar and refined flour free). But…we did it! *we: myself and the amazing kitchen staff at @eremitodelalma

The bottom layer of the #gateau is purée of potato and cannellini beans cooked with a bit of garlic and fresh sage. The middle later was made of sautéed and seasoned broccoli. The top layer (what you see photographed) is cauliflower purée with sauteed mushrooms and both baked and fresh sage from the Eremito herb garden.

Without further ado, here is the recipe:

Ingredients (for six servings…I obviously quadrupled it on the retreat):

6 medium potatoes

1.5 cups cannellini beans (about 1.5 cans drained)

3 tbsp vegan butter

1.5 cups unsweetened almond milk (I used homemade)

3 cups sliced champignon mushrooms

1 medium head of cauliflower

1 medium head of broccoli

5 cloves garlic (minced)

2 package (10 oz) Broccoli (568 grams)

About two handfuls fresh sage

Cayenne Pepper

Black Pepper

Himalayan Salt


Slice the potatoes into small pieces and place in a large pan over high heat. Bring to a boil and let boil for 12-15 minutes or until soft. While the potatoes are boiling, slice the cauliflower and boil in another pan for 10 minutes (you can also steam them as well, until soft). Once the cauliflower is soft, drain it and place into a blender (I used my vitamix) with 1 cup almond milk and a pinch of salt and some pepper. Blend until completely smooth.

Drain the boiled potatoes and set aside to cool slightly.

Add about two tbsp extra virgin olive oil into a saucepan and heat. Add ½ of the minced garlic and a medium handful of chopped sage. Add the mushrooms and sauté until they are slightly browned. Then add the pureed cauliflower into the pan and stir over low heat until well incorporated. Turn off the heat and set aside.

Cut the head of broccoli into small pieces and steam until tender but not soft. In another pan, add two tbsp olive oil and heat. Add the other half of the minced garlic and sautee for about a minute. Add the steamed broccoli pieces and some salt and cook until slightly browned.

Back to the blender: add the drained cannellini beans and ½ cup almond milk with a bit of salt and blend until a homogeneous mixture has formed. Pour the cannellini bean mixture into a bowl and add the cooked potatoes and vegan butter. Beat/mix/stir the contents of the bowl until thick and creamy with no lumps. Taste for salt and pepper and add as much as you need. If too thick, add a tbsp or two of almond milk.

Butter (with vegan butter) a large casserole dish and pour in the potato mixture into the bottom. Smoothing it until even. Pour the cooked broccoli evenly over the potato layer. Smooth if necessary. Next, add the cannellini bean and mushroom mixture on top of the potato layer.

Finally, sprinkle half of what’s left of the sage onto the top of the cannellini layer.

Bake in a preheated oven at 180C (350F) for 25-30 minutes.

Once out of the oven, sprinkle the rest of the sage on top of the cooked gateau.

Let cool and enjoy!!!


Lunchtime at Eremito