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Classes and workshops:

In my classes and hands-on workshops, I prepare quick and relatively easy plant-based dishes that can be recreated at home. I work with individuals with all levels of knowledge and cooking skills and am happy to integrate and adapt to any dietary requirements or specific requests.



I have worked with several organizations, small and large groups, with the purpose of educating individuals about food and nutrition. I cover everything from ingredients, techniques and specific health concerns while making the process of food prep and cooking enjoyable and interesting.


Plant-Based Diet Consultation:

Individually tailored one-on-one lessons based on client needs. Grocery store tour, food shopping, plant based meal plan consultation or recipe instructions from start to finish.


Menu consulting:

I work with major brands, luxury hotels, restaurants and cafes on menu development relating to healthy options and specific dietary needs. I have collaborated individually with trained chefs and qualified staff in order to integrate nutritionally optimal selections into any type of menu. My personal experience owning and operating an organic cafe in Rome has equipped me with the knowledge to develop menus while taking cost effectiveness and time constraints into consideration.


Event Catering:

Event catering for parties for a limited number of guests prepared in the home or chosen location. I work with clients to create a themed menu and work with staff to procure the groceries, prep and execute the meal.


Health Coaching:

I am a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and am available to work on an individual basis or in small groups in order to aid clients in identifying and reaching personal health and wellness goals. Objectives can range from desire to lose weight, reduce stress, lower risk of chronic disease and the like. Health coaches holistically help clients develop strategies to reach optimal health and well-being.