What is Morganic Kitchen. English. 2016


Cos’e Morganic Kitchen? Italiano. 2016.


by Morgan Witkin

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”



Morganic Kitchen is a space where I (Morgan) cook up healthy, wholesome, delicious food and recipes—mainly the culinary kind, sometimes those that can be more broadly applied to life.

It’s my belief that food should nourish us from the inside out. It should be genuine and kind—to our bodies, to nature and to our palates. That’s why the recipes found on Morganic Kitchen focus on flavor and variation. Healthy eating isn’t about deprivation and healthy living isn’t about denying ourselves. And so, Morganic Kitchen is a place that welcomes anyone—from budding chefs and novice vegans to those who are simply curious.

For the consciously hungry or hungrily conscious, I invite you to learn how to make nourishing, yummy, and simple food to promote optimum health and wellness while satisfying your palate. As far as satisfying your soul, I hope that by sharing my experience in healing through food and my knowledge of nutrition and wellness, you’ll find Morganic Kitchen to be a place of inspiration and learning; one where you can work alongside me in striving to become the best versions of ourselves while living fulfilling lives complete with joy, wellness and satisfaction.

This is the stage upon which my life unfolds. Often through food. Always through candor (because organic living is honest living). It’s lessons on la dolce vita. But the REAL dolce vita- true wellness. Morganic Kitchen is the place I plan to document my journey and discoveries. It’s where I hope to connect with you … Morganically.