Chocolate Cake Pops (omg)


Yeah... so I made these cake pops the other day (actually wasn’t planning on making them but I had a little chocolate cake disaster and these happened).

And I mean.... WOW. Disaster turned miracle.

Kitchen Miracle. Literally.


So here’s what happened:

I made a chocolate cake with my daughter (since we ALWAYS make chocolate cakes together) and when I went to pick it up to decorate and photograph- it crumbled into a million pieces. Instead of crying over spilled (plant-based) milk, I decided to turn them into cake balls/pops.

So- classic cake pops are made by mixing cake with icing- obviously- I don’t use classic icing so I took the #glutenfreevegan #chocolatecake pieces and mixed them in a bowl with mashed banana and peanut butter (that I made- no salt, no oils). I then formed them into balls and set them in the fridge for about an hour.

To make the chocolate sauce/cover- I heated some coconut oil (1/2 cup) and mixed it with 1/2 cup raw cocoa powder and 1/4 cup maple syrup- and a touch of Himalayan salt.

I then stuck the sticks into the chilled balls and dipped into the chocolate: back into the fridge to harden for 15 minutes and then dipped again for a second round.

I made a berry sauce to drizzle on top out of @unicornsuperfoods berrylicious blend powder, some maple syrup and coconut milk- boiled it down and drizzled on top. 🍰 🍫 🍇

I also dusted a little bit more of the berry powder on top.

These little balls of immense deliciousness were insane- somewhere between a sweet and sour chocolate peanut butter and jelly mystical creature that I ate.

And I ate them all. And they were like fat bombs and so so good. 😍

I don’t know if I’ve ever made a dessert as good as this one- and that’s saying a lot. If anyone says veganism isn’t fun- they gotta try these little mofos.

That’s it. DM me if you need recipe details.

Lots of love my friends ❤️