Apple Mango Spinach Smoothie

Green smoothie bowl.

Nothing better.


I do A LOT of cooking. A LOT. And I make a great number of complicated dishes- from breakfast to dinner, baked goods to savory funkiness... but thereโ€™s one thing I always come back to: my beloved green smoothies. They are my favorite morning meals, the best way to sneak some raw greens into my diet, and a perfect HEALTHY remedy for my incessant sweet tooth.

And to top it all off- I get to play with my food at the end of it- by staging and decorating these bowls to be photographed... all by me! A perfect way to indulge my creativity and use breakfast as an artistic outlet.

I changed up todayโ€™s #greensmoothie by leaving out the banana and nut milk (due to limited options in my pantry!) and instead, blended:


1 1/4 cup Apple juice (apples that I juiced basically)

1 #Apple cored

1/2 medium #avocado

1/2 #mango

2 large handfuls baby #spinach

Instructions: blend (in a @vitamix preferably) and decorate. This one was decorated with desiccated coconut flakes, banana hearts, and some daisies from my terrace.

All served in one of my absolute favorite @coconutbowls and coconut bowls spoon.