Pumpkin Spiced Dougnuts with Chocolate

It’s almost Thanksgiving- and you know what that means? Tons and tons of prep and recipe trials for my Morganic Kitchen Thanksgiving Dinner in Rome.

🍁 πŸ‚ 🍁

I have decided to prep backwards- starting with desserts and ending with appetizers.

And here we have pumpkin spiced doughnuts with chocolate sauce. 🍩

So without further ado (so you have time to ingredient shop for YOUR thanksgiving feast), here is the recipe:


1/2 cup rice flour

3 tbsp potato starch

1 tsp rice starch

1/2 cup oat flour

1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk

1/3 cup pumpkin puree

1/4 cup coconut sugar

1 tsp active yeast

2 tbsp refined coconut oil

Seeds scraped from 2 vanilla beans

1 tsp cinnamon

Pinch nutmeg

1 tsp baking powder

ΒΌ tsp Himalayan salt

1/3 cup @lilys_sweets_chocolate baking chips


Grease a donut pan with coconut oil. Warm the almond milk until hot. Mix with the pumpkin purΓ©e, coconut sugar, coconut oil and spices. Stir well until sugar has been absorbed and the mixture is a homogeneous liquid. Turn off the heat and stir in the yeast

In a bowl, mix all the rest of the ingredients (except for the chocolate) and then pour in the wet mixture and stir well. If the batter is too runny, add a tbsp or so more of oat flour. Let the batter sit for 10-15 minutes.

Spoon into a greased donut pan and let sit sit for another 10 minutes for it to rise. Preheat the oven to 180C/ 350 F.

Bake for 11 to 12 minutes.

While the doughnuts are baking, heat the chocolate chips in a small pan over low/medium heat and stir continuously. You can add a little bit of plant based milk to make the chocolate sauce more liquid. Melt completely and set aside. When the doughnuts are ready, remove from oven, cool for at least 5 minutes then remove from pan- drizzle the chocolate sauce (or dip the doughnuts if you want them glazed), serve and enjoy!

Sweet HOLIDAY love my friends!