Plate of Greens (Veggies, Salad and Dressing)

A plate of green.



Sometimes you just want to eat greens. Especially after a long summer of travel, of restaurants, and of a little bit of madness. ⭐️


This lunch (full of delicious veggies and tons of phytonutrients ) is composed of:

Sliced avocado on top of a bed of rocket salad (tossed with a tiny squeeze of lemon, extra virgin olive oil, himalayan salt, and cracked black pepper.

On top of that are some simple sautéed zucchini (that I prepared the night before with olive oil, chili flakes, garlic, fresh mint leaves, and sea salt.

I served this “salad” with a small bowl of my favorite sautéed cabbage. Seriously; you don’t know how good this is till you’ve tried it!!!! (Simply slice up the cabbage, flash boil it for about two minutes or until a little brighter and tender. Heat #oliveoil in a pan, strain the #cabbage and sautée with some garlic , chili flakes and Himalayan salt.

The sauce I served this with was a take on my “green goddess” dressing and I pretty much just threw in what I had in the kitchen...and blended.

Ingredients avocado dressing :



Olive oil


Apple cider vinegar

A touch of agave

Himalayan salt

When all the elements are done, throw them together and serve.

Buon appetito!