Greens. Veggies for lunch.

Sometimes, oftentimes, all you really need is a big bowl of green. 🌱🌱🌱

My favorite times to be in the kitchen, other than with friends or cooking for the people I love- is right after doing a big shop at one of the many “farmers markets” around Rome.

Besides the fact that normally, I have to immediately get to cooking because I can’t fit everything I’ve purchased into the fridge- but it’s so exciting combining flavors of all the local & seasonal produce.

It sounds crazy- i know- but there is nothing that calms me, centers me- and balances me more than being in the kitchen. Cooking is my religion. (Biiig statement, I know.... but I think I’ve finally come to that conclusion after dedicating nearly 5 years to my “cucina.”

If you love cooking, you know what I mean. Am I right? 👩‍🍳 So above is a simple lunch of sautéed Roman zucchini and fresh fava beans with a little bit of garlic, extra virgin olive oil (@resantiqva FYI!), some fresh mint leaves from my herb garden and Himalayan salt to taste.

Easy peasy. For exact quantities and cook times feel free to contact me!

Oh, and as often seen on my feed, these vegan bowls were lovingly served in @coconutbowls and matching spoons!

Love and chlorophyll ...



#plantbased #eatgreen