Funky smoothie bowl (spoiler alert: there’s tomatoes in it!)

Pretty bowl.

Now, if I tell you what’s in it, you won’t believe me.


I was halfway through my smoothie making and I was confronted with an empty fridge. No joke. No fruit, no green leafy veggies, nothing even frozen. Well a few bits and bobs ... so I made thus: a tomato banana smoothie. 🍅 🍌

Don’t cringe. It was actually awesome. (My daughter approved too- obviously before I told her what was in it!)

Soooo here we have:

1 1/2 frozen #banana

3 medium fresh #tomatoes

3/4 cup almond milk

1/4 cup frozen mixed #berries

And that’s it!

Blended in my #vitamix @vitamix

And decorated with blue coconut milk (because my daughter told me it was missing some blue- so I mixed full fat #coconut milk with ‘s superfood infused #unicorn powder) and mini #wild #strawberries, #pumpkinseeds and #raw cacao nibs (and a couple inedible flowers for prettiness) 🍓 💚🌸


The only note I have to make is that because of the tomato and the cold- it sort of gelled. Chemistry I guess. Still #delish

Wishing everyone a #Friday filled with #beauty

Lots of love,


#plantbased #smoothiebowl #foodphotography #tomato #feedfeed