There’s her, then there’s me. And that’s all that really matters. Well, there’s him too 🐾 and there’s the sea and there’s the sound of her laughter. And then... well then.... I am complete. 🙏🏻

Motherhood is humbling. It’s eye opening. It’s terrifying and empowering all at the same time. For me, motherhood came at me like a sucker punch to the gut. I wasn’t ready, I wasn’t watching, I wasn’t prepared.

And really, it took me a while to figure out my role- to fit into the shoes that had been gifted to me. The ones I never really decided to buy.  But now- they aren’t just my favorite shoes...I can’t walk without them. I can’t BREATHE without them. (Hows that for a metaphor? 👠 😆)

I think my biggest lesson (so far) about motherhood is how to be selfless- how not only to think about and take care of someone else, but to LIVE for that other if your very happiness depends on their well-being. It’s a scary concept....and it’s a hard pill to swallow.... and some people don’t “get there” immediately- (like me)- but when they do (when I did)- it’s the most extraordinary feeling in the world.

#motherhood 💕

This little girl is my everything- and my everything is her.

And basically, now that she is part of my world, I am complete.

So today isn’t Mother’s Day, it’s not my daughter’s birthday- it’s just a random Wednesday in June. But today I felt like sharing. And there you have it.


Sending my love to all the mothers I know, all the mothers who read my blog- all the mothers. Period. Here’s to you - your bravery, sacrifice and love.