Letter to My Darling Girl on her Fifth Birthday.

My darling girl, you are 5 today. 💕

Five years of lessons and of evolutions.

Five years of love. Intense love...more love then I ever thought I was capable of. 💕

Babygirl, today you are 5 and yet it feels like we’ve spent an infinity together.

I can’t remember what life was like without you by my side.

I can’t imagine a world without you in it- I wouldn’t want to.

Today we celebrate you, my beautiful girl: your brilliance, your goodness, your beauty, and your light.


I can’t say whether you chose me, somehow- but I like to think so. I don’t know exactly how much of me is inside of you - your heart, your soul- or how much I have been able to impart upon you in these short years. What I do know is that you inspire me everyday.

Loving you has made me a better human: you have taught me selflessness, patience, sincerity, and goodness. You have shown me the world through your eyes- and it is extraordinary.

You have taught me that it is almost better to love than to be loved. You have shown me who I truly am and taught me about who I would like to be. 💕

You gave me the gift of motherhood: the greatest responsibility and the greatest honor I have ever known.

I am privileged to love you. I am proud to call you mine. But most of all, I am honored by your love for me. 💕

Happy Birthday my darling.

I promise to spend the rest of my days loving you with all that I have and all that I am.