Food Staging and the Morganic Philosophy

While making black bean brownies with peanut butter glaze (the recipes for which I will be posting shortly, don’t worry), I was caught on camera “food staging” (yes, there’s a word for this!)

Food Staging and the Morganic Philosophy.jpg

I am not a food stager…nor am I a photographer. I take all my photos with my iPhone 6 and spend minimal time editing them (and more time cooking!). Conversely, there is an entire community out there of incredible chefs, food stagers, and food photographers. I know I am nowhere near their level of talent and I probably will never get there *my Instagram following is a product of this!  And that’s ok. What I do know- and I am utterly confident in declaring- is the authenticity, nourishment, and deliciousness of the food I make. It may not be the prettiest food, or the most beautifully plated. I know that my photographs sometimes lack depth and are occasionally overexposed. That’s not the purpose here. What I aim to create- and to share (and hopefully inspire others to cook) is GOOD FOOD. Good food, to me, means food that nourishes you from the inside out. Food that is full of phytonutrients…vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory agents. Food that heals. Food that I am proud to feed my family. Food that is genuine and kind- kind to our bodies and kind to the earth and its creatures. My food (Morganic food), leaves out all the poison that most of today’s store-bought “foods” include. Good food shouldn’t have refined sugars or flours; it shouldn’t include conservatives or dyes. Good food is conscious food. It’s preventative medicine. “Pay the farmer now or the pharma later.” Remember that.

Furthermore, I have been a vegetarian for over 30 years. I KNOW how boring “healthy” can be. I have spent countless hours of my life sitting in front of plates of tasteless grilled vegetables and wilted lettuce leaves in restaurants that touted them as “vegetarian/vegan” options.

My food isn’t about that. It’s about flavor and variation. It’s about giving up the toxins in the modern diet but not the taste. Everything I make, whether it be a silky green smoothie, spicy curry, colorful side dish, mouth-watering pizza or sumptuous dessert – is actually really really yummy! Believe me. Ask any of the carnivores that hang around my house waiting for my oven timer to ding.

I don’t know where Morganic Kitchen is going. I’m not exactly clear on who I am reaching or how far this will go. What I do know is that I believe in what I am doing. I 100% trust in the fact that this is right…more than I have ever believed in anything else in my entire life. It’s my soul telling me to push forward. To be authentic. To be me and to keep making what I’m making and sharing it.

So no, maybe my food isn’t the most beautiful food in the world. It isn’t art and it’s not meant to be. But I love it. And I hope you do too.

Love, light and flax seeds!!!! 

Gabriela RogerComment