It tastes better than it looks!

There's cooking, then there's plating, serving and eating. And then...well then there is food photography...which is a whole different can of worms (or beans, if you will).
I've always cooked and then I started cooking plant based foods- vegan cuisine, foods, and the like. From the beginning, save for a few disasters, everything was pretty damn awesome. The problem was actually making the food look as good as it tastes. (And anyone who has ever stopped by my kitchen can attest to the fact that my plant based goodies are pretty ridiculous)... nonetheless, as strong as I am in the kitchen, I am still improving in my food staging and food photography skills. Although, I am learning and hopefully getting better with each day. 
I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone who follows me- whether it be my Instagram, Facebook page or blog. 
Morganic Kitchen continues to grow and I wouldn't be able to pursue my greatest passions (nutrition and cooking) without all of your support. My food may not be the most beautiful food on the web...that's no secret- but it is made with love. Every plate, or bowl, or cup has been studied, thought out, and carefully constructed and plated with health and wellness in mind- full of attention and joy. I will continue to study, continue to cook and continue to improve. Thank you for being part of my journey 🙏🏻.
Oh, and by the way, I have here a layered coconut soy yogurt and "pumpkin pie" smoothie parfait with homemade pumpkin granola.

Love and light!!! x